Our activities

Since 1960 J.W. VOS B.V. supplies woodworking machinery and tools for the wood and plastics processing industry. We also handle sharpening of your tools in our modern grinding department.

Besides the wide selection of brand new machines, VOS also offers a significant stock of used machinery for both the Dutch market and for export markets.

Do you have any production problems? Specific requirements? High demands? J.W. VOS B.V. sells not just machines, but specific custom-made solutions as well. The fact that both machines and tools are offered - without being tied to particular brands - guarantees the right solution for every problem!

Even after purchase of your machinery or tools, J.W. VOS B.V. a partner you can rely on. Experienced technicians are on hand day and night to perform maintenance or repairs to your machinery.

Tools are sharpened and tuned in modern grinding department, where computer controlled machines and skilled technicians make sure your tools are sharpened quickly and accurately. Furthermore, J.W. VOS B.V. supplies parts for all machine brands and accessories like dust extraction (pipes, bends, manifolds, etc.), and protection measures.


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