VOS machines, our turn-key approach

JW VOS BV provides professional, industrial woodworking and plastic-working machines for virtually all applications:

  • In every price range;
  • From relatively simple machines to complex turnkey solutions;
  • Conventional or automated;
  • New or used.


Our assortment includes, among others:

SCM Machines
SCM Group
From routers and spindle moulders to large CNC machining centres, edge banders, bandsaws, surfacing-thicknessing planers, circle saws and many more.
Leadermac Planers
High-capacity planers,  jointed 4-side moulders and grinding machines.
Bottene Saw Machines
Computer-controlled cross-cut saws to speed up production and minimize waste.
Vosta Dust Extraction Systems
Medium to high-capacity dust extraction and air filtration systems.


After making your purchase, the technicians of VOS will install your machines, including connecting them to the extraction and/or compressed air systems. VOS can also supply these systems.

This is the turn-key approach of VOS; after delivery and instruction, all that remains is to simply to turn on the machine and use it. Easy, isn't it?

If your budget does not allow for a new machine, a reconditioned second-hand machine might be the right solution for you.